Sweet & Lucky – Your fortune cookie manufacturer

What makes us happy here at Sweet & Lucky? It’s the fact that we’ve grown into an innovative company that produces and sells top-quality products. And we’re also happy to have so many satisfied customers who have helped us become Germany’s leading fortune cookie manufacturer.

We also like to point out our background in manufacturing and craftsmanship, which is what makes us so flexible. For example, we print the wrappers in our own print shop and use nothing but the highest quality flour ground in our own mill. It goes without saying that when we produce our own flour, we source our grain from Kraichgau, our local region.

One more thing: We stand behind our fortune cookie products with both our name and our specialised staff. To us, this means treating everyone fairly and showing our customers openness and transparency. This is how we solve problems pragmatically and communicate quickly and directly – all in the best interest of our customers.

Where we come from

Fortune cookie highlights – from your specialist manufacturer

It all started with our fascination for flour – to us a unique raw material – produced from the golden wheat straight from the fields of our home region. Then came our passion for working creatively with flour, which we still see as a fine art today.

All of this laid the foundation for Sweet & Lucky to become a leading manufacturer of fortune cookies, and the variety and quality of our products continues to win over more and more friends.

Furthermore, we only use high-quality flour ground in our family-owned HECK mill. The wheat is sourced mostly from the fields in the surrounding area. And you can taste it.

Our fortune cookies are year-round highlights to wow you, your guests or customers and allow you to package your advertising messages in a fun way.

In addition, you can choose how you would like to have your fortune cookies packaged. The fortune cookies are always individually wrapped in OPP film. When selecting the design, you can also decide whether silver, gold or even your favourite colour is just the right thing. All in all, there is hardly a packaging request that we as manufacturers cannot fulfil.

By the way, we also print the OPP films in our family-owned print shop. Owning the complete range of production allows us as manufacturers to meet the highest standards of quality, which you, in turn, profit from. In other words: Come to us with your special requests. Tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll advise you and always find a perfect solution.

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