The story of how the fortune cookie got its fortune

According to legend, a poor prince and the daughter of a powerful monarch were deeply in love. However, the monarch wanted to marry off his beautiful daughter to the prince of a neighbouring kingdom in order to unite the two lands advantageously.

He forbade his daughter to ever see the poor prince again and sent the prince to a far-off city. The lovesick couple soon came up with a trick to send messages to one another by baking them into little cakes – the historical forerunner of present-day fortune cookies. And so, they managed to stay in contact and soon planned their escape, which succeeded. And they lived happily ever after. A beautiful story.

History: China and the fortune cookie

Historically, fortune cookies played an important role in Chinese history during the Mongolian occupation in the 13th and 14th centuries. While secretly planning a revolution to overthrow their oppressors, the conspirators communicated with each other using messages baked into fortune cookies.

Since the Mongolians didn’t like the taste of the fortune cookies, which at that time were made of lotus paste and egg yolk, the messages inside remained secret. After the country was liberated, fortune cookies were used to send greetings and good news. Even today, fortune cookies are a must at official events, celebrations, and holidays in China. In addition, they are served as a special reminder of China’s independence and also the historical event of the liberation from Mongolia.

Fortune cookies today

Not all that long ago, fortune cookies were painstakingly made by hand at home. Although this has changed and state-of-the-art equipment is now used – in Sweet & Lucky’s manufacturing facility, for example – production is nevertheless complex and requires a high level of know-how. Today, fortune cookies are becoming increasingly popular both in Germany and the rest of Europe. In addition to Asian wholesalers, traditional food retailers are also among our customers. And the upwards trend continues.

Using fortune cookies for advertising is becoming increasingly popular among both businesses and advertising agencies. This trend is aided by today’s intelligent technology, which allows us to print the paper slips with customised messages or advertising slogans. At the same time, the demand for customised wrappers is also rising, usually printed with company logos or advertising slogans.

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