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Exclusive: Organic fortune cookies

Sweet & Lucky GmbH has been certified in accordance with the EU organic regulation since May 2008 and, together with the IFS certification we first received in 2006, we are in an excellent position concerning product quality and safety. We are in a leading role with our organic fortune cookies and have been rewarded by seeing increasing demand. Our organic fortune cookies are available from a minimum order of 5,000 and are normally packaged in units of 250, but we’re also happy to accommodate your special requests.
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Certified quality: IFS – International Food Standard

A very high standard of quality has always been a top priority for us from the very start when Sweet & Lucky GmbH was founded in 2003. In December 2006, Sweet & Lucky became the first fortune cookie manufacturer in Europe to be certified in accordance with the International Food Standard (IFS). But that’s not all – above and beyond the basic certification, we achieved the highest certification level with the special distinction “Higher Level” right from the start. Sweet & Lucky’s IFS certification for its fortune cookie production ensures consistent high quality for our customers as well as optimal product safety. At the same time, this quality testing allows much better comparison and transparency as well as full traceability of all batches. Safety and hygiene are guaranteed throughout the entire supply chain in the same way. The coveted IFS certification is recognised as the most exacting seal of quality for manufacturers in the food industry. Meeting these high standards of quality is of the utmost importance to us with all of the services we provide.
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