Fortune Cookies – bringers of joy and good fortune


Millions of our standard fortune cookies have brought about many a happy moment in Germany, in Europe, and all over the world. While the delicious cookie pampers the palate, the message, in German or English, is studied intensely and adds that extra bit of joy and good fortune.

Sweet & Lucky also offer customised fortune cookies. You could say that happiness and good fortune can be made more individual by choosing your own packaging as well as the texts on the message strips. Thanks to our experienced staff, we provide the perfect technical means to achieve all of this. To put it another way: you make your own luck.

Four steps to your custom fortune cookies

There are four ways to customise the design of your Sweet & Lucky fortune cookies,

which ultimately mean a virtually endless range of custom combinations.

1. Our fortune cookies

2. Paper Slips

3. Wrappers

4. Outer packaging





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