1. Our fortune cookies

Pleasing to both the eye and the palate: Sweet & Lucky brand fortune cookies stand for excellent flavour and elegant design. One of the secrets to how we achieve this is our well-balanced and perfectly coordinated recipe, which uses only the finest ingredients.
Wherever possible, we use colouring foodstuffs. Beyond that, we place a high value on making sure that the type and dosage of natural colours are in line with legal standards. In this way, we always offer our customers both a healthy and marketable product.
<h3>Fortune cookie – classic (standard)</h3>

Fortune cookie – classic (standard)

Sweet & Lucky classic fortune cookies are distinguished by their unique recipe – entirely without food colouring. Terrific.
<h3>Fortune cookie - red</h3>

Fortune cookie - red

The red bringer of good fortune gets its unique colour from a colouring foodstuff. This rounds off the flavour while making it possible to do entirely without dyes.
<h3>Fortune cookie – golden yellow</h3>

Fortune cookie – golden yellow

Gold is alluring. And so are Sweet & Lucky’s golden yellow fortune cookies.
<h3>Fortune cookie - pink</h3>

Fortune cookie - pink

Pink clouds bring good fortune. An especially popular fortune cookie that bewitches the senses.
<h3>Fortune cookie - orange</h3>

Fortune cookie - orange

Its fabulous orange colour makes this fortune cookie a true highlight. You’ll love it.
<h3>Fortune cookie - green</h3>

Fortune cookie - green

This unique fortune cookie effuses esprit all dressed up in green. Discover its character.
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